Thursday, July 31, 2008

Isovolta Group - Laminate Suppliers

The Aviation and Transportation unit specialises in aviation and railway interiors, and has supplied to this market for more than two decades. The product range includes decorative laminates, technical laminates, thermoplastics, prepregs, honeycomb panels and electroluminescent foils, making Isovolta the only system supplier for all interior materials of mass transportation vehicles.

Technical laminates and honeycomb panels are becoming more important for the rail industry as weight reduction increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. Isovolta's prepregs enable rail car manufacturers to build complex sidewalls with less weight, high performance, and long life times. Laminates reinforce interior components, add stiffness, and offer excellent surfaces for decorative films.

A brand company in Laminate industry MoDECOR provides interior wall paneling services.

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