Monday, June 23, 2008

Fashion key focus to laminate furniture creator

General Mica Corp. creates a spectrum of design-oriented furniture top quality laminate products.

As a laminated furniture manufacturer, General Mica is in the fashion business -- not the furniture business -- said Ralph Federici. Federici is president of RAF Associates which has exclusive sales and distributor rights to General Mica Corp., located in North Miami, Fla.

The employees are "fabricators" according to Federici and whether the furniture is office, residential, juvenile, hospitality or institutional, General Mica "leans toward fashion, style and design," he said.

Many General Mica pieces are designed by Federici's daughter, Athena Federici Carlin. When designing furniture, she said, she incorporates the latest trends and strives for exclusive styles. Real wood bullnosed edges are popular now, she said, especially in the hospitality industry. Pieces with wood grains and matching wood edgings are some of the company's hottest sellers.

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